Amaltheia Marine Ltd is a marine trade and support company for boats and ships from 6 to 200 m.

Its 30-year experience in the marine field (both commercial and leisure boats) has made its name synonymous with high quality and reliability.

We are located in Athens, Greece, and housed in privately owned facilities, with a personnel of 14 people. With a Commerce Department dealing with marine stock equipment and spare parts and shipping all over the globe, and a Technical Support Department offering high-level support for most kinds of malfunctions, Amaltheia Marine Ltd is your number one marine company choice in Greece. Our extensive network of cooperations testifies to that. We cooperate with all big shipyards in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as with the Military Navy and the Coast Guard.

  • Our Commerce Department can rapidly provide stock equipment and spare parts from a number of companies that we represent in Greece. Furthermore, it is able to supply on-demand marine equipment and spare parts of any other kind and brand. Amaltheia Marine Ltd is the number one company in Greece in Thruster sales and Electronic Engine Controls. Click here to see which companies we represent in Greece.
  • Our Technical Support Department with our specialized technicians offers support to our customers all over the globe. It is able to tackle a range of problems or malfunctions. Many manufacturers refer to us as recommended service point for technical support around the Eastern Mediterranean Sea area. We can travel to any part of the world requested. We install and repair:
  1. Engine controls (electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical)
  2. Bow thrusters (hydraulic, electrical)
  3. Stabilizers
  4. Hydraulic systems for all kinds of uses on the boat
  5. Electronic and electric automations
  6. Sanitation systems (vacuum, macerating, and gravity discharge)

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