Maretron TMP100 Temperature Module (TMP100-01)

SKU: TMP100-01

Maretron’s TMP100 measures the temperature for up to

6 temperature probes and reports the information over
an NMEA 2000® network. The TMP100 supports up to 4
thermistor probes and 2 high temperature thermocouple
probes. Optional thermistor probes (-20°C to 80°C or -4°F
to 176°F) cover a wide range of applications including cabin
air temperature, engine room air temperture, refrigerator/
freezer temperature, under bolt temperature (inverters,
charges, pumps, motors, etc.), tank temperatures (live
well bait, hot water, etc.), and air duct temperatures. The
optional thermocouple probes (0°C to 900°C or 32° to
1652°F) are used to measure Exhaust Gas Temperature
(EGT) as part of a comprehensive fuel management system.

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