Sleipner 41261 Thruster propeller SE60 Q-Prop Composite Ø185/5bl

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Thruster propeller SE60 Q-Prop Composite Ø185/5bl.

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Thruster propeller SE60 Q-Prop Composite Ø185/5bl.


The Q-PROP™ has measured noise reductions of up to 75% in controlled environments. The five-bladed skew propeller reduces noise levels while maintaining exceptional efficiency. Some thruster models even see an increase in thrust power.

  • The expected noise reduction in average installations: 20-40%
  • Upgrade kits are available for most Sleipner thruster models with special adaptors

Sleipner continually reinvests in developing and offering the latest technology in marine advancements. Patented products are revolutionary one-of-a-kind designs available and sold exclusively by Sleipner.

  • Ideal Vessel Class: Commercial vessel, Motor boat, Sail boat
  • Constructed Material: Engineered Composite
  • Sparepart for: Gearleg 40602, Thrusters SE-IP SE60/185S2-24IP
  • Propeller Rotation Direction: Right hand
  • Blades: 5

  • (D) Diameter: 179mm / 7in
  • (ID) Internal Diameter: 185mm / 7.3in
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