Xantrex Freedom SW-230Vac/50Hz Model 2524 (815-2524-02)

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A complete power system comprising of an inverter, battery charger and a transfer switch in one package.

the Freedom SW 230 Vac inverter/charger offers 3400 W true sine wave performance and  90A efficient, multi-stage charging. 

The 2x continuous power surge rating provides necessary start-up power for demanding applications including inductive motor
loads. Available in two 230 Vac / 50 Hz, 24 Vdc models, the Freedom SW offers parallel stacking
capability to enable twice-the-rated output. Both models can operate in tandem with a generator to
temporarily assist power loads with large start-up demands such as air conditioners, water pumps etc.
A Xanbus AGS must be installed in the system in order for this feature work. Both are compatible with
optional accessories such as the System Control Panel (SCP) and the Automatic Generator Start (AGS).
The Freedom SW inverter/charger provides utility grade AC power to operate commonly used AC-powered
electronics such as plasma television sets, microwaves, entertainment systems, computers, printers,
power tools, refrigerators and much more.

Models    Part number  Input voltage   AC output
Freedom SW 2524   815-2524-02   24V   Hardwire
Freedom SW 3524   815-3524-02   24V   Hardwire

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