ZF SmartCommand SC5000

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SmartCommand is the result of fifty years of experience

in designing vessel control systems. A powerful control
system for today’s electronically controlled engines and
ZF transmissions, SmartCommand integrates the latest in
CAN-bus communication technology with a user-friendly
multifunction control head for up to six vessel control
The compact control head design combines an ergonomic lever shape with a user-friendly touch pad allowing for all system functions to be easily selected using
soft-touch push buttons. Visual indicators help to locate
the neutral detent position and two color LEDs indicate
station in command, and transmission engagement.
SmartCommand puts you in complete control with
dedicated control modes for all standard ZF Marine
control system functions with the addition of Easidock
and AutoTroll.
Easidock ensures positive clutch response resulting in
easy and precise maneuverability in confined areas.
It provides the ability to modulate clutch engagement
and control engine speed to obtain the optimum propeller speed for safe docking.
AutoTroll permits a full range of low speed control incorporating a shaftline sensor for closed loop feedback
to maintain a specifically demanded propeller rpm.
The function allows for clutch slippage to be controlled
while maintaining minimum engine speed.
SmartCommand’s CAN-bus communication perfectly
synchronizes engines in all modes without the need for
dedicated buttons or switches.  

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