CourseMaster CM800i

The INTELLIGENT solution for both power and sail!

The CM800i and CM850i autopilots with intelligent, self-tuning software, offer all the features you need for accuate course-holding and performance reliability in any sea conditions. Both pilots are suitable for either power or sailing vessels from 6m - 40m.

The difference between the two models comes down to
whether you prefer to turn a knob to change course (CM850i)
or to press buttons on a touch-control panel (CM800i).
Both have all the features you need to hold course in all sea conditions including:

  • intelligent, self-tuning software - automatically adjusts for speed, sea conditions and trim
  • Rate Gyro Compass: accurate course holding and reduced fuel consumption
  • interfaces - GPS, wind instruments, digital compass information
  • Autotack, autogybe with adjustable angle
  • Auto/manual compass calibrations
  • Graphics display showing rudder angle, backlit LCD and on-screen display of GPS information.
  • Drive options: linear, hydraulic, rotary, and solenoid
  • comprehensive range of remote steering options including second station, remote steering, jog lever, electric steering

So simple to use:

  • press standby to turn the system on and view the vessel's heading and rudder angle on the display
  • point the vessel in the direction you want to go and then press Pilot, your CM800 will hold that course
  • to change course simply press the port or starboard course keys.

And interfaces with your chartplotter

  • press Nav to steer to way point information from a GPS or plotter
  • press the Mode key to select customised steering control for your vessel

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