Kobelt Control Head (Mighty Mariner System) 6505S

This unit has a compact design yet offers all of the features and accuracy of our larger models. Evolved from the popular 6505 model, the 6505S head includes a microprocessor that is used exclusively with the Mighty Mariner system.

The unit can be used

  • in combination with the 6527-S clutch/throttle actuator for mechanical control
  • in conjunction with Model 6503 Electronic Interface unit to provide electric clutch /electronic throttle outputs

The unit can be used on a single or twin engine configuration. (See examples on the reverse page for different system configurations.)

The unit incorporates the latest technology with provision for switch pad buttons for Station Select, Station Lock, Throttle Override and Synchronizer.

The housing and handles are constructed in all bronze and stainless steel. The standard unit comes in chrome, black epoxy, white or polished bronze finish.

The unit is watertight from the top side and can be used anywhere on board ship. However, the bottom side must be protected from the environment.

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