Kobelt Controller Switch Panel 6502

Designed for use in the arm of a captain's chair, the 6502 offers the user the options of steering and selecting a particular engine control (usually mounted in the other arm of the chair). The rotary knob provides full follow-up steering in conjunction with our 7173 Amplifier or from the in-chair position you can select autopilot mode. An LED within the knob provides instant indication of its position relative to straight ahead. The engine control section consists of four switches offering Station Select, Station Lock, Synchronized mode and Throttle Override. As with all Kobelt products this unit is manufactured from die cast bronze with stainless steel hardware ensuring durability and protection from the marine atmosphere. The housing is available in black or white epoxy while the knob is chromed and the keypad is water resistant. Fully compatible with most of the other Kobelt steering and engine control components, the 6502 lends itself quite nicely to the Captain yearning to be in charge of his vessel from the comfortable position in his chair.

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