Kobelt Illuminated electronic control head 6508

The 6508 is an illuminated version of the many Kobelt control heads. It is made entirely in bronze and stainless steel but is not considered to be a water tight unit. The 6508 control head can be equipped with two potentiometers per handle. This will give redundancy in the electronic control system. The  microprocessor will read the two potentiometers at all times and if it considers one of them defective, it will read the one that is intact only. The membrane key pad has four standard switches and provides:

  • Station Select
  • Station Lock
  • Overriding Throttle
  • Engine Synchronization

Trolling valve options are also available in place of either one of the above four switches. The membrane has back lit lenses that indicate which function is working.

Options: Black Epoxy or Chrome Plated body. Handles are always chrome plated.

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