Kobelt Side Mount Control 6506

The 6506 is a side mounting electronic control which can be used for single lever clutch and throttle or any combination of CP propeller and/or trolling valve. This unit is constructed in bronze and stainless steel and the housing is available in chrome and/or black epoxy, (the control handle is always supplied in chrome). The handle is attached to the control on a 36 tooth spline and can, therefore, be rotated in 10 degree increments to suit the installation. The control can be installed in two different ways. An external flush mounting (housing is exposed) or an internal mounting whereby the housing is behind the control console and only the lever and shaft is exposed. The unit is equipped with friction and detent and can be adjusted to suit customer requirement. The unit is also available with two potentiometers. The KOBELT computer unit will read both potentiometers but should one fail, the computer would ignore the incorrect signal. This control requires an external headboard. Model 6507 is recommended and can be combined with all other KOBELT control devices.

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