Kobelt Electronic Control Head 6505

The 6505 Electronic Control Head was developed to accommodate customers with limited space on their control consoles. The 6505, capable of controlling  two engines, is of a very compact design yet offers all the features and accuracy of our bigger models. The housing and handles (available in either long or short length) are constructed in all bronze and stainless steel respectively. The standard unit is available in either chrome, black epoxy or polished bronze finish. Optional self-adhesive side scales are available. It incorporates the latest electronic technology with pad buttons, which are water tight, come standard with Station Accept, Station Lock, Throttle Override and Engine Synchronizer. The unit is totally water tight from the top side and can be used anywhere on board ship. The bottom side, however, must be protected from the environmental elements.

Ordering Options
B = Black
C = Chrome
L = Polish Bronze
S = Single engine
T = Twin engine

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