Marine Battery Charger Switching Mode

Thanks to new switching technology, SHARK series battery charges are extremely light and compact and, as they are constructed using high quality components of the latest generation, they are also very reliable.

The three-stage charging system offers the advantage of having batteries that remain efficient over time. Furthermore, SHARK battery chargers are equipped with numerous protective circuits and alarms, thus making them completely safe.

• It simultaneously handles three batteries, supplying each one with the required current.
• Fully automatic.
• Three-stage changing system (boost and floating) for a 100% charge and long battery life.
• It can be used as an independent  power supply without the need for backup batteries.
• Switching mode technology allows minimum weight and dimensions.
• It also works with very low AC mains voltages (180 V).
• Dual voltage power supply 115/230 V.
• Two-position switch (lead/hermetic gel) to optimize charging.
• Protection against reverse polarity, short circuit, over temperature.
• Fuses input-output.
• Cooling fans.
• Battery temperature sensor (model SC010, optional).
• Control panel on the front indicating alarms: ON-OFF led, BOOST led, BAT DEF led, TEMP DEF led, FUSE DEF led.
• Remote control panel (mod. PR005 - PR006 - PR007, optional).Choose a battery charger Zetagi SHARK is the right choice.

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