210DE (Double Ended) Cylinder

Specifically designed for use on power catamarans where the cylinder is fixed to the deck or beneath a dive platform / marlin board, and connected to the outboard motors by means of two mechanical tie-bars.

Designed originally for a specific Australian cat manufacturer, the 210DE cylinder’s advantages make it the perfect steering solution for narrow engine well installations as it offers minimum space wastage and stationary hoses during operation.

Due to the variety in boat designs and cylinder location, the tie bars must be custom made to fit, and provide universal movement on each end to allow independent tilting of the motors.

This system comes as a complete single station  kit  - Part number OBKIT4 (not including tie-bars)

The HyDrive side-mount outboard cylinder range is designed to replace conventional cable steering systems in sterndrives (inboard-outboards) of all brands as it attaches directly to the same bracket as the cable steering.  The model 212T is designed for use with the power-steering options offered by most manufacturers of sterndrives.

HyDrive also offers cylinders specifically designed to overcome installation problems on power catamarans with sterndrives, or where there is insufficient room in a monohull to fit either the power-steering equipment or a side-mount cylinder.

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