212T Sport Cylinder

Introducing the HyDrive Model 212T Sport cylinder which offers the power and reliability of hydraulic steering at prices which are more than competitive with many mechanical systems.

This compact tube-mount cylinder is capable of handling up to twin 150HP engines (counter-rotating) or a single 235HP with comfort.  It attaches directly to the outboard motor’s tilt-tube just like the old push-pull cable steering!  It also attaches to Stern-Drives in the same manner, and can be used on Sterndrive Power steering cylinders making dual stations very simple. The HyDrive 212T Sport is constructed of the finest stainless steel and fully anodised aluminum, providing low cost hydraulic boat steering.  Like the other tube-mount cylinders, it requires only a little clearance to the side of the motor to fit (just 315mm). Installation is very simple. The cylinder is designed to screw directly onto the outboard motor’s tilt-tube or pivot-tube, in exactly the same way as a conventional cable-steering unit. Simply unscrew the old cable from the motor, screw the HyDrive cylinder onto the same thread, install the fittings and the hard work is virtually done!

Available as a complete kit - Part No. SPORTKIT

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