Sealand 8600 Series MasterFlush Marine Toilets

Bringing Style & Low-Flush Efficiency Together

Rarely does one marine toilet style fit a wide array of floor plans with equal ease.

With the choice of heights, colors, flush controls and discharge plumbing, SeaLand 8600 series MasterFlush toilets from Dometic now allow boat builders to install a fixture of unparalleled performance in virtually any bath. Using only 0.85 gallon (3.2 liters) in "Normal" mode and 0.45 gallon (1.7 liters) in "Dry Bowl" mode, this series provides the perfect balance of low-flush water conservation and thorough flushing performance.

The contemporary shape features a flat back to accommodate installation against interior walls. 8600 series toilets come in low-profile and standard-height units.

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