Kobelt 6527S Smart Electronic Actuator (6527S)

Κωδικός: 6527S

Being a modified version of the regular 6527 actuator, the 6527-S actuator is used

exclusively in the Kobelt Mighty Mariner System to operate and position lever-actuated
mechanisms. Using the latest technology in propulsion control, this actuator unit forms the
heart of the Mighty Mariner Control System. The actuator monitors all input information from
the control heads and their associated switch panels, its lever position as well as the
synchronizer input. This actuator also controls and positions its Throttle and Clutch levers
and communicates with the control stations through panel lights and sonalerts. The 6527-S
electronic actuators are constructed in bronze and stainless steel, except for the motor and
worm. This unit has a high torque of 180 in-lbs.
The basic unit on Model 6527-S comes with manual override and one trim pot per side for
stroke adjustment. The actuator does not have an internal resilient link. Hence the stroke
must be precisely adjusted to suit the device being controlled.
Note: This actuator is not waterproof and therefore should not be immersed in liquid or

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