Sleipner RC-22E Remote control kit

Remote control kit για έλεγχο διπλού εργάτη, 12/24V, EU. Παραδίδεται με βάση και περιλαίμιο.

Κωδικός: RC-22E


Remote control kit for dual windlass, 12V / 24V DC, EU.

Complete remote kit for dual windlass control. Delivered with remote holder and neckband.


Sleipner control panels are programmed to shut down automatically after approximately 6 minutes without use to avoid accidental activation.


Sleipner control panels use dual ON buttons to engage the product to start, preventing accidental activation for a child-safe environment and peace of mind while on your vessel.


This product is constructed from UV-resistant material providing additional protection from the damaging effects of ultraviolet sunlight.


Sleipner analog signal cables with Plug & Play connectors are color-coded to match the wiring diagrams with high-quality connectors to ensure a correct installation.

  • Operating voltage: Electric
  • Power requirement: 12V / 24V DC
  • Ideal vessel class: Motor boat, Sail boat, Commercial vessel
  • Operating power systems: Electric systems
  • Functionality: On/Off systems
  • Operates: 2x Windlass, Remote controls
  • Operate systems: Windlass systems
  • Panel Color: Black

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