Sleipner SE25 Tunnel Thruster 12V (SE25/110S)

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The SE25 is a compact thruster designed to fit a tunnel of only Ø100 mm. SE25 is suitable for vessels up to 7m (23ft) depending on the vessel’s windage area.

Κωδικός: SE25/110S
Μήκος σκάφους
2 - 7 m


The SE25 is a compact thruster designed to fit a tunnel of only Ø100 mm. SE25 is suitable for vessels up to 7m (23ft) depending on the vessel’s windage area. Only available for bow installation.

As with all the other thruster models in Sleipner’s tunnel series, the SE25 offers tremendous installation flexibility, as it can be installed upon the tunnel at any angle and the thruster motor can be rotated on the motor bracket in 90 degrees steps.


Sleipner offers installation flexibility to work with the space you have. Our thruster models allow installation at any angle on the tunnel, tailored to fit any space available in your vessel.


Sleipner analog signal cables with Plug & Play connectors are color-coded to match the wiring diagrams with high-quality connectors to ensure a correct installation.


Automatic detection of overheating of internal components. When an unsafe temperature is detected, the unit is automatically shut off to prevent overheating.


Immersed parts exposed to seawater are galvanic isolated from the onboard electrical system, eliminating stray currents.


The thruster gearleg is pre-filled for lifetime lubrication and sealed using a long-time mechanical seal with ceramic and carbon surfaces for ultimate security against water intrusion.


A properly engineered single propeller system will be the most energy efficient thruster. Its compact design fits easily into narrow bows making it the perfect match for our smaller thruster range. With more than 60.000 single propeller thrusters in use, the single propeller has proven its reliability.


The Q-PROP™ has measured noise reductions of up to 75% in controlled environments. The five-bladed skew propeller reduces noise levels while maintaining exceptional efficiency. Some thruster models even see an increase in thrust power.

  • The expected noise reduction in average installations: 20-40%
  • Upgrade kits are available for most Sleipner thruster models with special adaptors

Sleipner’s patented intelligent power control provides a minimal delay between drive directions to reduce wear of the mechanical parts while monitoring solenoid functions. In the case of a solenoid lock-in, the thruster will automatically stop without extra user action or controlling the main switch.

  • Operating Power: Electric
  • Power Requirement: 12V DC
  • Power Output: 1.5kW / 2hp
  • Thrust at 12V: 30kg / 66lbs
  • Thrust at 10.5V: 25kg / 55lbs
  • Operational Running Limit (min): 2-3 duty cycle at 20° C
  • Nominal Current Draw: 200A
  • Min. Battery CCA (DIN): 200
  • Min. Battery CCA (SAE): 380
  • Min. Battery CCA (EN): 330
  • Recommended fuse: ANL 150
  • Ideal Vessel Class: Motor boat, Sail boat
  • Ideal Vessel Size: < 7m / < 23ft
  • Bow Capability: Yes
  • Stern Capability: No
  • Retractable Capability: No
  • External Mounting Capability: No
  • Tunnel Capability: Yes
  • Weight: 9.5kg / 21lbs

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