Sleipner SRP100 PRO Retractable Thruster 12V (SRP100/185T-12V)

Κωδικός: SRP100/185T-12V


The SRP100/185T thrusters are built with the same high safety standards as all Side-Power products, and incorporate all features introduced with the SE-series thrusters. Our focus on safety is a totally integral part of the product design so that everything from build quality to ease of installation is thought of to ensure long term reliability.

  • Plug and play S-link digital control system
  • Motor assembly rigid mounted on retract casing, no moving parts during deployment/retract operation
  • Compact construction
  • Reliable retract mechanism, avoids sticking/jamming
  • Fast deployment/retract time – ca. 7 – 10 seconds
  • User friendly control panel with status feedback
  • Q-prop™
  • Sealed Drive – lifetime lubricated
  • Galvanic Separation
  • IPC intelligence for extra safety

Thrust at 12V (Kg) 116

Typical boat size (ft • m) 35 – 55 · 10 – 17
Tunnel inner diameter (mm) 185
Propulsion Twin
Power at 10.5 V* (kW • Hp) 6,3 · 8,4
FOr DC system (V) 12
Weight (kg) 44
Min. battery capacity (CCA**12/24V) 750
Control system Digital (S-Link)

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