Wesmar FS350-12.0 1.1m² DSP5000 Wave-Smart stabilizer

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A Stabilizer System Customized for your Vessel and How and Where you Cruise!

It is important to understand that there are many factors that go in to selecting the optimal stabilizer system. Vessel characteristics, such as LOA, weight, displacement, windage, roll period, and metacentric height are all critical factors in selecting the best stabilizer system. How and where you cruise are also important factors in your choice of a stabilizer system.

WESMAR's DSP5000 Wave-Smart uses predictive technology together with actual vessel motion to enhance the stabilization of the vessel. It brings faster response, smoother stops, and replaces chasing and wasted energy while minimizing noise.

The DSP5000 uses an integrated processor that combines the key elements of interfacing fin position, velocity, and acceleration with the characteristics of the vessel. Add WESMAR's legendary rugged and reliable, neutrally buoyant hydrodynamic fins, and a whole new level of comfort and control is realized. This new stabilization method delivers maximum comfort, a smooth ride, and quiet operation backed by over 50 years of WESMAR's maritime pedigree.

The DSP5000 control is simple and intuitive with seamless interfaces to today's advanced technologies, such as GPS, CANBUS, alarm suites, and more. The activation of the system is achieved by one touch of a button and is available on-demand with no warm up time.
Stabilizer features:
  • Programmable and expandable display / controller with an easy-to-use settings menu
  • Real time graphic display of fin reaction to roll that can be monitored by the user
  • Ability to add vessel specific custom display screens
  • WESMAR's Wave-Smart® control system provides rapid response and control of the hydraulic system resulting in quiet and smooth positioning of the stabilizer fins.
  • All system operation data can be downloaded to a flash drive via the onboard USB port if required for system troubleshooting.
  • Advanced display with simple and intuitive user interface
  • Two modes for beam and following seas
  • NMEA 2000 interface to vessel GPS systems automatically adjusts to boat speed and position.
  • CANBUS compatible
  • Advanced internal electronic gyro provides control feedback for roll and horizon working in conjunction to keep the vessel level in a wide range of conditions
  • System remains stable in turns and remains stable as vessel accelerates or decelerates
  • Rugged, triple layer fin construction features strong and lightweight structural foam that makes the fin neutrally buoyant
  • Available with single or dual actuators depending on fin size and system configuration
  • Can increase fuel efficiency and reduce time in route (ETE)
Electronic Gyro upgrades:
  • A unique WESMAR Retrofit Package allows boats yards and boat owners to upgrade older stabilizer systems to the state of the art electronic gyroscope and controls of the DSP5000.
  • The Stabilizer upgrade does not require replacing existing actuators and fins; therefore, an expensive haul-out is not required.
  • The WESMAR DSP5000 upgrade works on all models of WESMAR Roll Fin Stabilizers AND those of most other fin stabilizer manufacturers.
  • A DSP5000 upgrade can typically be done in less than a day.
Fin size1.1m² (12ft²)
Fin shaft diameter88.9mm (3.5 inch)
Actuators cylinders per fin2

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