Zetagi Automatic Battery Switch 12/24V (BB)


Κωδικός: BB


What to do to avoid that, inadvertently leaving lights switched on and/or board services, it drains the battery?

The automatic battery switch is a device that disconnects the battery when the voltage of the same comes less than 11.9 V for more than 30 seconds so you always have the charge necessary for starting the engine.

Small, lightweight and practical. It can be installed directly on the positive pole of the battery and when it comes into operation just press the reset button.
It is very useful for vehicles equipped with additional battery for the accessories; putting the battery isolator between the starter battery and the additional battery , you can have all the capacity of the battery with the security to start the engine.
It is recommended for campers, cars, motor boats and special vehicles.

Operating Voltage Vdc 12 12 24
Intervention Level Vdc 11.9 11.9 23.8
Counting Time .sec 30” 30” 30”
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 110 x 55 x 65 110 x 55 x 65 110 x 55 x 65
Weight Kg 0.3 0.3 0.3
. . . remote control

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