ZF MicroCommander 91100

Κωδικός: 91100

 9000 Series MicroCommander Actuator. For Mechanical Shift and Mechanical Throttle Applications.

ZF Mathers’ most popular Electronic Engine Control System, the 9000 MicroCommander Actuator provides the boat operator with electronic, lever control for engines that have traditional push-pull cable (mechanical) controlled throttles and gear shifts.
Depending on the model selected, the 9000 MicroCommander Actuator/Processor can have plug-in sockets to install as many as 5 electronic control stations (control heads), with the option for one of them to be a wired, mobile, handheld remote control. Only one remote station will have command at a given time and the “Station-in-Command” is indicated by a red light located on the Control Head.

The 9000 MicroCommander is designed for recreational, sport, and commercial vessels with single or twin engines.
One actuator/processor is required for each engine.

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