ZF MiniCommand MI4007

MiniCommand is the evolution of standard electronic controls…

Κωδικός: 3340003004

MiniCommand is the evolution of standard electronic controls. MiniCommand provides affordable single lever control of electronically actuated diesel engines and marine transmissions. Designed specifically for pleasure craft and light duty commercial applications up to sixty feet in length, with a maximum of two control stations, the MiniCommand control processor incorporates the logic circuits for two engines and transmissions in one compact package.

The single unit design allows for the processor to be mounted in smaller spaces while maintaining two completely separate operating systems. MiniCommand provides the features of control systems costing significantly more, all with the proven durability from ZF Marine

Αυτό το μοντέλο ταιριάζει με συστήματα ελέγχου MiniCommand, CruiseCommand, 9000 Series ClearCommand και 9000 Series Premium ClearCommand. Η σειρά MiniCommand έχει σχεδιαστεί για σκάφη αναψυχής και σκάφη έως 15μ με έως δύο σταθμούς ελέγχου.

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