Dockmate, an extra pair of hands on board.

You as a yacht skipper can now maneuver your ship from any place on board thanks to our DOCKMATE wireless control.

You can flawlessly operate two motors, horn, bow thruster , stern thruster and windlass with the tips of your fingers. Watch to the centimeter how you berth your boat safely.

The DOCKMATE is a wireless extension of your engine controls while maintaining the exact feeling (eg response time gearbox) and of all the accessories mentioned above. DOCKMATE was developed completely from scratch by us from our parent company PPA-Electronics.

As yachtmen with 40 years of experience we were looking for an affordable wireless system. This could not be found on the market until now. After years of testing, and building prototypes, we finally have a highly reliable product. This system allows every skipper to dock his ship single-handed. Done with uncertainties; how far am I from the jetty? According to the crew, often more than one meter, in reality 30 cm only, or vice-versa.

Our unit will pay for itself in a relatively short time by not sustained damage. You know how much fixing a scratch or, worse, a crack in your ship costs. It can also replace a winch or muscle strength when mooring, we let our own boat do the work through our DOCKMATE to tighten the ropes.

Dockmate – ιστοσελίδα κατασκευαστή