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30-year experience
AMALTHEIA MARINE LTD is a marine trade and support company in Greece whose 30-year experience in the marine field (both leisure and commercial) has rendered it synonymous to high quality and reliability. We deal with boats and ships from 6 to 200 m.

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Products quality
From bow thrusters and engine controls to hydraulic systems, vacuum systems and electronic and electric automations, our company imports only the highest quality products and is a distributor of the most respected international marine suppliers, with the constant aim of providing quality and reliable products and services. It is also up-to-date with all recent technological advances and products.

Συνεχής υποστήριξη

Specialized staff

Our highly-trained Technical Support Department is ready to tackle any malfunction and offer highly reliable service. It will research, plan and and suggest the most contemporary and proper solutions to your issues. Our specialized personnel will visit your boat, wherever she is located, for installations and/or malfunction repairs.

Συνεχής υποστήριξη

Non-stop support

Our 20-year experience in the marine field (both leisure and commercial boats) guarantees the quality and reliablity of our services.

Εκπαίδευση τεχνικών
Technicians training in hydraulic systems

We, in «Amaltheia Marine», are commited to reliability, service quality and customer satisfaction.

We invest a lot in continuous training of our partners! Trainning in England by HYPRO company.

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