AM-NMEA-016-P Marine NMEA 2000 8-way self-contained cable

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Marine NMEA 2000 8-way self-contained cable.


Marine NMEA 2000 8-way self-contained cable. Integrated Control and Monitoring System NMEA2000 8-way connector.

NMEA2000 Micro-C 8-way self-contained cable for connecting multiple devices to an NMEA2000 network. Installing compact sized NMEA2000 networks is now quicker and easier with the introduction of the Small Boat Network.

This innovative design provides a significant cost, time and space savings compared to traditional NMEA2000 starter kits.
A complete NMEA 2000 backbone in a single device. Installing small NMEA 2000 networks is quicker and easier than it’s ever been with the Small Boat Network.
Reduce your NMEA 2000 cabling requirements, saving time, space and money. The 8-way drop makes it easier to reach up to four devices with a single cable. Typically, when four devices need to be connected to an NMEA 2000 backbone, a T-piece and individual cable is required for each one.
This can either mean excessive cabling demands or moving the backbone closer to your devices. The 8-way drop makes it possible to shorten the length of each cable needed before reaching a T-piece.

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