Eberspacher Airtronic D5 24V Καυστήρας diesel 24V, 1.6-5.5kW

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Καυστήρας diesel 24V, 1.6-5.5kW.

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Καυστήρας diesel 24V, 1.6-5.5kW.
Hot air heaters are independent of the engine. Αbsorbs in cool air from inside the vehicle or outside air, heats it and then distributes it back to the vehicle interior. Hot air heaters are an excellent solution for vessels.

Stay warm and comfortable during your travels, no matter what the weather is like. Save energy and effort with a straightforward installation process.

Enjoy economical heating with diesel fuel performance. Ensure an enjoyable journey on the water with the marine installation option.

Power & consumption:
  • 1st stage 1600W, consumption 0.2l/h
  • 2nd stage 2700W, consumption 0.34l/h
  • 3rd stage 4800W, consumption 0.58l/h
  • 4th stage 5500W, consumption 0.66l/h

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