Hammerhead MS128 Sani-Clear, Black Water Hose & Tank Cleaner, 1 gallon

Hammerhead Sani-Clear Black Water Hose & Tank Cleaner, 1 gallon.

SKU: MS128

Hammerhead Sani-Clear Black Water Hose & Tank Cleaner. Prevents clogs and keeps MSD's and RV systems free flowing!


Prevents sanitation system failure due to uric scale restrictions.
Clean MSD’s and RV systems without removing hoses and other difficulty disassembly, and is ideal for working in tight spaces. Mix with up to 10 gallons of water and disperse into system through toilet or other entry point. Use every six months to extend system life.


Formulated to target uric scale, waste, sewage and more without attacking critical materials and sensitive components in MSD’s and RV systems. Non-toxic BioBased solution is free from harsh acids or dangerous chemicals. Hammerhead Sani-Clear actually lubricates and rejuvenates O-rings, gaskets, and hose liners. Will not dry them out like traditional harsh acid cleaners. The only cleaner with emulsifying agents capable of removing bio-contamination from sanitation systems.


Safe for use on equipment containing: plastic, brass, iron, copper, steel, stainless steel, bronze, titanium, chrome, silicone, PTFE (Teflon®), porcelain, rubber, fiberglass, glass.

Environmentally Friendly

Assembled from USDA and EPA recognized Bio-based building blocks derived from renewable resources, making it a significant contributor to the quality and sustainability of life. Hammerhead Sani-Clear has been submitted for BioPreferred® certification from the USDA recognizing environmental sustainability.

Made in USA

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