Lilaas LF70 Azimuth Motorized (LF70M)

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Include Panel Plate

LF70 is an Azimuth control lever with dual axis. It is intended for controlling two functions such as pitch or engine speed as well as thrust direction of the propeller. The control lever can be moved +/- 60° vertically and continuously 360° horizontally. It is designed for electronic control and is equipped with potentiometer. LF70 is compact, rugged and combine dual controls simply and safely.

Technical description: 

• Handle: Moulded polyurethane plastic 

• Materials: Enamelled aluminium 

• Scale: Self adhesive w/light 

• Light: 24 Volt 

• Std. potentiometer: RPM 5 kΩ, azimuth 5 kΩ sine/cosine 

• Potentiometer: Spur gears 

• Enclosure: IP 66 + EMC-screened

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