Sleipner 32-C-24115 Windlass Maxi 32-C, 1500W, 24V

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Maxi 32-C windlass, 1500W, 24V for 8/6,5mm calibrated chain anchor line.

SKU: 32C24115
Boat length
1 - 21 m

Maxi 32-C windlass, 1500W, 24V for 8/6,5mm calibrated chain anchor line.

Anchor windlass with chain for external mounting on deck or anchor box, suitable for boats up to 70 feet. A classic proven model which is very common on boats with a stern cabin and bathing platform where space is limited.

The anchor is driven in and out, but can also be released with the included handle and adjustable slip brake. Maxi 32C is compatible with chains 8mm DIN 766 and 6.5mm Norwegian standard. Available in 12V and 24V.
Safety, control, and reliability are the most important factors in securing your boat. Accordingly, Sleipner integrates pulse-width modulation systems in the windlass control unit to monitor power control while in use.
Power supply
Powered by direct current.
Sleipner analog signal cables with Plug & Play connectors are color-coded to match the wiring diagrams with high-quality connectors to ensure a correct installation.
Are available in several variants, enabling tailored solutions for various boat types. The anchor windlass requires an MCU control box, circuit breaker, control panel, and other accessories such as hull penetration, anchor line, and anchor rode.
  • (H) Height: 372mm / 14.6in
  • (L) Length: 255mm / 10.0in
  • (W) Width: 210mm / 8.3in
Power SourceElectric
Voltage12V DC
Ideal Vessel ClassMotor boat, Sail boat
Ideal Vessel Size< 21.3m / < 70ft
Weight20.0kg / 44.0lbs

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