ZF 3327108001/6 Steering Drive Helm Unit Main/Fly (used)

Steering Drive Helm Unit Main/Fly.

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The electric steering system SteerCommand™, brings significant innovation into the marine market, where hydraulic and even mechanical steering systems are commonplace. ZF SteerCommand™ allows for more precise steering and safer operation when operating your pleasure boat, thanks to a patented reactive electronic force feedback system at the steering wheel specially designed by ZF. ZF SteerCommand™ can be fully integrated into the propulsion systems offered by ZF Marine for all types of vessels.

Steer-by-wire technology has long been used by the aviation industry, and now it’s available for your boat! No more messy mechanical and hydraulics links – just fit & fly!
Like active steering systems in luxury cars, ZF SteerCommand™ gives the boat owner a similar feeling when driving your boat, thanks to a patented electronic force feedback system specially designed by ZF.
The main advantages of ZF SteerCommand™ are improved control, better performance, reduced maintenance and easy installation.

  • 24V DC system
  • CAN bus communication
  • Micro-processor control integrated into ZF SmartCommand control unit
  • CE&ABYC approved
  • Optional integration with autopilot
  • Angle of rudders varies as a function of boat speed
  • Independent control of port and starboard rudders (available with the two linear actuator configuration)

Τhe product is tested and fully functional. It is exactly as shown in the photos.

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