Coursemaster CM880 αυτόματος πιλότος

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Ο στιβαρός, υψηλής απόδοσης εμπορικός αυτόματος πιλότος CM880 ενσωματώνει όλη την ευφυΐα και τα εξειδικευμένα χαρακτηριστικά που απαιτούνται για τη βέλτιστη οδήγηση σκαφών εργασίας, μεγάλων μηχανότρατων και φορτηγών 50 – 10.000 τόνων και άνω. Προσφέρει απλά χειριστήρια πίνακα για αλλαγές πορείας, yaw, trim, έλεγχο ρυθμού και μεθόδων λειτουργίας ακόμα και όταν φοράτε χοντρά γάντια εργασίας.

Κωδικός: CM880AC


The CM880 autopilot designed to IMO standards for use on workboats, trawlers and freighters of 50 tonnes to 10,000 tonnes or more is a high performance commercial autopilot and the result of over three years of working closely with workboat and freighter captains; ongoing software development since the launch of the respected CM650 pilot; and 18 months of exhaustive sea trials on coastal freighters, workboats and trawlers both in Australia and overseas.

The CM880 is a very robust, single-package unit and incorporates all the specialised features required for the fine control of steering a large vessel while offering simple front panel control even when wearing thick work gloves:

  • adjustable turn rate in 5 degree steps for smoother course changes
  • LED bar indicator for rudder angle and separate rudder sensitivity control
  • yaw control for reducing rudder activity in heavy seas
  • counter rudder (rate) factor
  • choice between manual or automatic trim for weather helm or for towing off-centre loads
  • visual warning when full helm has been applied
  • optional CM528 analogue steering interface to suit 360-degree nozzle and jet drive steering systems
  • accepts heading imputs from a fluxgate compass, flat top compass slave or a digital input from a gyrocompass
  • all NMEA navigation sentences are supported
  • range of optional remote steering positions available
  • range of remote helms may be fitted

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