Sleipner 34-4G-12110 Maxi 34-G windlass, 1000W, 12V, starboard

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Maxi 34-G windlass, 1000W, 12V, starboard, for 14-16mm lead anchor line.

Κωδικός: 344G12110
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Maxi 34-G windlass, 1000W, 12V, starboard, for 14-16mm lead anchor line.

Anchor windlass for external mounting/side-mounting suitable for boats up to 70 feet with a built-in bathing platform or extension. Maxi 34-G is a windlass with features such as automatic free fall and parking mode. Available in 12V or 24V.

The Maxi 34-3G is for mounting on the port side, with the electric motor inside the vessel and the line wheel facing the bathing platform starboard. The Maxi 34-4G is for mounting on the starboard side with the electric motor on the inside and the line wheel facing the bathing platform port.
With an end-stop sensor and brass wire ring on the anchor line, the anchor automatically stops at the water line in parking mode. This allows the anchor to rinse away mud or any seabed materials before carefully settling the anchor in its final secure position.
The automatic free-fall function allows the release of the windlass anchor line in a controlled manner, maintaining slight resistance ensuring the line doesn't rush to the bottom. It releases as much line as required for the water depth and length for the mooring.
Safety, control, and reliability are the most important factors in securing your boat. Accordingly, Sleipner integrates pulse-width modulation systems in the windlass control unit to monitor power control while in use.
Power supply
Powered by direct current.
Sleipner analog signal cables with Plug & Play connectors are color-coded to match the wiring diagrams with high-quality connectors to ensure a correct installation.
Are available in several variants, enabling tailored solutions for various boat types. The anchor windlass requires an MCU control box, circuit breaker, control panel, and other accessories such as hull penetration, anchor line, and anchor rode.
  • (H) Height: 370mm / 14.5in
  • (L) Length: 283mm / 11.1in
  • (W) Width: 255mm / 10.0in
Power SourceElectric
Voltage12V DC
Operational IntentionValue
Ideal Vessel ClassMotor boat, Sail boat
Ideal Vessel Size< 15.2m / < 50ft
Weight20.0kg / 44.0lbs

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