SLEIPNER 79999 Q-prop upgrade kit for SP75/95 (79999)

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Q-prop complete upgrade kit for SP75 and SP95.

SKU: 79999

Complete upgrade kit for SP75 and SP95. (Fits older Side-Power models from 1999 and later with 4-bladed propeller with lock nut fastening. Older models med set screw fastening can not be upgraded).

A complete kit contains:
  • 2x Q-prop™ propellers
  • 2x Adapters
  • 2x Anodes
  • 2x Propeller drivepins
  • 2x Lock nuts
  • 2x Propeller washes
  • Side-Power gear leg with Q-prop details

Sleipner continually reinvests in developing and offering the latest technology in marine advancements. Patented products are revolutionary one-of-a-kind designs available and sold exclusively by Sleipner.


A properly engineered single propeller system will be the most energy efficient thruster. Its compact design fits easily into narrow bows making it the perfect match for our smaller thruster range. With more than 60.000 single propeller thrusters in use, the single propeller has proven its reliability.


The Q-PROP™ has measured noise reductions of up to 75% in controlled environments. The five-bladed skew propeller reduces noise levels while maintaining exceptional efficiency. Some thruster models even see an increase in thrust power.

  • The expected noise reduction in average installations: 20-40%
  • Upgrade kits are available for most Sleipner thruster models with special adaptors
  • Ideal Vessel Class: Commercial vessel, Motor boat, Sail boat
  • Constructed Material: Engineered Composite
  • (D) Diameter: 179mm / 7in
  • (ID) Internal Diameter: 185mm / 7.3in

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