Sleipner SE130 Tunnel Thruster 12/24V (SE130/250T)

Κωδικός: SE130/250T
Μήκος σκάφους
13 - 19 m


SE130 is our smallest model in the 250mm tunnel range, and the model is very silent because of reduced speed of water flow through the tunnel. If your boat need 100kg+ thrust and can fit a 250mm tunnel, SE130 will be a perfect solution. The SE130/250T includes all the important and unique Side-Power features and qualities – why settle for less

Typical boat size (ft • m) 42’ – 62’ • 16 – 19
Tunnel inner diameter (mm) 250
Propulsion Twin
Power at 10,5/21V* (kW • Hp) 6,5 • 8,7
For DC system (V) 12
Weight (kg) 37
Min. battery capacity (CCA**12/24V) 440
Control system Analog

* All Side-Power thrusters gets their thrust rating from the actual performance you can expect in a boat – at the voltage a normal installation will provide at the thruster. We have choosen to use the net performance at 10.5V/21V, but we also list the effect at 12/24V for comparison.** All battery CCA ratings are stated with the DIN rating, multiply by 1.9 to to get the SAE equivalent (at 0ºF, ABYC standard)

Σελίδα κατασκευαστή για 12V
Σελίδα κατασκευαστή για 24V

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