ZF 91200 ClearCommand

Κωδικός: 3340004042

Utilizing the proven ClearCommand platform, PremiumClearCommand was developed specifically for uniqueapplications in multi-engine commercial, and verylarge pleasure craft vessel applications. PremiumClearCommand is designed to interface with manycommercially available DP systems and meets thestringent standards of most classification societies. In addition to all of the standard features of ZF Marinecontrol systems, Premium ClearCommand offers uniquefeatures such as:

  • Engine room and remote station lock out
  • Unique transfer functionality and station incommand indication as required by ABS
  • Dynamic Positioning and joystick interface
  • Fixed neutral delay for shaft brake sequencing

The 9122 Processor controls the electrical Transmission and Trolling Valve Solenoids for shift andtrolling functions, via electric cable.

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