Sleipner 8940G Dual thruster joystick panel, grey

Dual thruster joystick panel, grey. 12V and 24V, On/Off operation.

SKU: 8940G

Dual thruster joystick panel, grey. 12V and 24V, On/Off operation.

The dual joystick is one of Sleipner's top-selling control panels for double thruster installations providing a comfortable and friendly control of the thruster system.

Also available in black.
  • Round cut-out hole (standard instrument size), mounted from the front side
  • Pre-fitted O-ring seal
  • Multi-voltage 12/24V
  • Child safe on/off system
  • Control power lights
  • Automatic deactivation after use
Power supply
Powered by direct current.
Sleipner control panels are programmed to shut down automatically after approximately 6 minutes without use to avoid accidental activation.
Sleipner control panels use dual ON buttons to engage the product to start, preventing accidental activation for a child-safe environment and peace of mind while on your vessel.
This product is manufactured for installations in environments that may experience moist or occasional splashes.
Sleipner analog signal cables with Plug & Play connectors are color-coded to match the wiring diagrams with high-quality connectors to ensure a correct installation.
This product is constructed from UV-resistant material providing additional protection from the damaging effects of ultraviolet sunlight.
  • (H) Height: 121mm / 4.76in
  • (W) Width: 71mm / 2.8in
  • (a): 77mm / 3in
  • (b): 41mm / 1.6in
Operating PowerElectric
Power Requirement12V DC, 24V DC
Operating Power SystemsElectric Systems
FunctionalityOn/Off systems
Operates2x Thrusters
Operate SystemsThruster Systems
Panel ColorGrey
Ideal Vessel ClassMotor boat, Sail boat

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