Sleipner SRVP210 PRO Retractable Thruster 24V (SRVP210/250TC)

SKU: SRVP210/250TC

The flange mounted SRVP-series thrusters have the thruster unit in a casing that will be bolted to a base. This allows for easier installation in hulls made from different materials, as well as in series production where you do not need to mix laminating and engineering type jobs.

The 185mm tunnel diameter thrusters uses one fast and powerful actuator, while the 250mm tunnel diameter models have two actuators to handle the increased forces with the same exceptionally fast deploy/ retract operation time.

The unique design of the underwater mechanism with only a few, but very sturdy parts that all contribute to the stability of the moving assembly. The unit is also designed to keep the thruster as compact as possible while enabling the safe use of heavier motors on the more powerful units. The vertical installation of the motors also reduce the impact forces on the assembly in extreme waves compared to motors fitted at an angle.

The SRVP210/250TC thrusters are built with the same high safety standards as all Side-Power products, and incorporate all features introduced with the SE-series thrusters. Our focus on safety is a totally integral part of the product design so that everything from build quality to ease of installation is thought of to ensure long term reliability.

Thrust at 24v(Kg)  210

Typical boat size (ft • m) 50’ – 70’ • 15 – 22
Tunnel inner diameter (mm) 250
Propulsion Twin Counter rotating
Power at 21V* (kW • Hp) 8 • 10,7
FOr DC system (V) 24
Weight (kg) 88
Min. battery capacity (CCA**12/24V) 550
Control system Digital S link

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