Sleipner RC-20E Remote control kit for bow & stern thruster, 12/24V

Remote control kit for bow & stern thruster, 12/24V, EU for 1x bow & 1x stern thruster.


Remote control kit for bow & stern thruster, 12/24V, EU for 1x bow & 1x stern thruster. Complete remote kit for bow and stern thruster (4 channel) control with one-touch dual thruster operation feature. Delivered with remote control holder and lanyard.
Power supply
Powered by direct current.
Sleipner control panels are programmed to shut down automatically after approximately 6 minutes without use to avoid accidental activation.
Sleipner control panels use dual ON buttons to engage the product to start, preventing accidental activation for a child-safe environment and peace of mind while on your vessel.
This product is constructed from UV-resistant material providing additional protection from the damaging effects of ultraviolet sunlight.
S-Link™ is a CAN-based control system used for communication between Sleipner products installed on a vessel.
  • Compact and waterproof plugs
  • Keyed and color-coded connectors to ensure correct and easy installation
  • Different cable lengths, extenders and T-connectors makes the system scalable and flexible to install
  • (H) Height: 21mm / 0.8in
  • (+H) Additional Height: 136mm / 5.4in
  • (L) Length: 107mm / 4.2in
  • (+L) Additional Length: 195mm / 7.7in
  • (W) Width: 47mm / 1.9in
  • (+W) Additional Width: 36mm / 1.4in
Power Requirement12V / 24V DC
Ideal Vessel ClassMotor boat, Sail boat, Commercial vessel
Operating Power SystemsElectric Systems
FunctionalityOn/Off systems
OperatesRemote Controls, 2x Thrusters
Operate SystemsThruster Systems
Panel ColorBlack

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