Sleipner SAC1100 AC Electric Thruster (SAC1100/513)

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Tunnel bow/stern thruster ø513mm 400V.

SKU: SAC1100/513
Boat length
32 - 49 m

Tunnel bow/stern thruster ø513mm 400V.
Sleipner offers installation flexibility to work with the space you have. Our thruster models allow installation at any angle on the tunnel, tailored to fit any space available in your vessel.
Powered by alternating current.
Flexible coupling protects the product’s driveline by compensating for misalignment between the shafts of the electric motor and gearleg.
S-Link™ is a CAN-based control system used for communication between Sleipner products installed on a vessel.
  • Compact and waterproof plugs
  • Keyed and color-coded connectors to ensure correct and easy installation
  • Different cable lengths, extenders and T-connectors makes the system scalable and flexible to install
A PRO™ thruster system enables you to apply only the necessary power to complete your maneuver. The variable speed control eliminates the noise associated with standard on/off thrusters.
With a dual setup (bow and stern), you also get a practical hold function enabling you to set and leave the level of thrust.
The thruster gearleg is supplied with oil from a separate reservoir above the waterline. This generates overpressure, making an effective seal against water intrusion while allowing easy access for oil change.
The Q-PROP™ has measured noise reductions of up to 75% in controlled environments. The five-bladed skew propeller reduces noise levels while maintaining exceptional efficiency. Some thruster models even see an increase in thrust power.
  • The expected noise reduction in average installations: 20-40%
  • Upgrade kits are available for most Sleipner thruster models with special adaptors
Two counter-rotating propellers offer the most thrust at a good performance ratio in a minimal tunnel diameter. This system is used in our larger thrusters for maximum power. Our twin-counter thruster range is the favorite among leading boatbuilders in high-end yachts.
Operating PowerElectric
Power Requirement400V AC
Power Output70kW / 95hp
Continous Thrust1100kg / 2425lbs
Ideal Vessel ClassCommercial vessel, Motor boat, Sail boat
Ideal Vessel Size32-49m / 105-160ft
Bow CapabilityYes
Stern CapabilityYes
Retractable CapabilityNo
External Mounting CapabilityNo
Tunnel CapabilityYes

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